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Islay Community CouncilIslay Community Council meets a minimum of six times per annum, but usually, meetings are held on a monthly basis. These are normally held within the Bowmore Servicepoint and are open to the public to attend. We discuss local matters from an agenda set by ICC members, which should reflect current and/or historic issues of local importance. Sometimes these issues may also have relevance to the Argyll and Bute Council area as a whole.

The sole purpose of the Islay Community Council is to represent the views of the Islay community on all relevant matters including Argyll and Bute Council services, Policing, Transport, Health, Planning and any other matter where the views of the community may be sought.

It is important therefore, that the public and the ICC communicate with each other on matters of concern to maximise the chances of a positive outcome. ICC needs the community to voice its views so that it can speak on your behalf with some degree of authority.

There are however, some areas and occasions where it is not appropriate for any community council to become involved nor voice its opinions. These are hard to specify in detail but will be explained to the community as and when they occur.

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If you would like to contact Islay Community Council regarding any matter please send us an email to islaycc@googlemail.com

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